Digital Gothic

Published by Twitter · 20 June · 

Cheers to the team for another wicked shoot!
Tyger’s HeArt Multimedia Arts,

@TYGERSHEART @lizb @OllieJamieson @benoitdietrich @jongibson @PJanePaul @jonashley @patricknuman @helenbachrich @lolagibbard @alexandrarosemarshall @THELOVEPEOPLE @madeofstarsandsunlight @MYSSYHS

Last weekend I was filming some intense indoor scenes for Digital Gothic
this weekend it was moments in a cemetery for a dream sequence in the webseries. “Don’t make a sound. And if he should ask you in, for the love of God don’t go!”

Published by Twitter · 21 June · 

Retweeted Jane Paul-Gets (@PJanePaul):

great time filming a dream sequence with the crew @DIGITALGOTHIC today. ‪#‎JekyllandHyde‬ ‪#‎actor‬ ‪#‎actorslife‬ ‪#‎thrillers‬

Published by Twitter · 20 June · 

Retweeted Jane Paul-Gets (@PJanePaul):

Looking forward to filming a dream sequence for @DIGITALGOTHIC in a cemetery this weekend! @OneAnotherMgmt

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